Monday, February 04, 2008

Why is it hard to live the truth when it's simple?

Why is it so hard to live the truth when it’s so simple?

Simplicity means that NOW is all there is. Complexity means you believe you are a separate person. You may understand truth intellectually by making ‘NOTHING’ into ‘SOMETHING.’ This means that you take SPIRIT (which is now) and try to make concepts about it and live through the labels you create. Your true nature is NOW known as aware-Presence. In fact, be still now and ask yourself sincerely with eyes closed, “Who am I?” and see how at the moment you open your eyes you are nothing but aware space. If you resist this knowing then you get scared. If you accept that this is all you are, then as you relax into it, insights will start happening. It all depends how relaxed into this unknowing you are willing to be. The moment there is this ‘surrender’ then the Holy Spirit will start to take over your life.

The question, “How to live this truth I know?” is a very simple one. How willing are you to allow what happens to happen without resistance? How willing are you to see love instead of fear? It is all a matter of allowing simply because BEING is allowing itself. If you find yourself resisting, struggling, desiring something else than what-is then you are not accepting Being to take over your life. When Being lives you, which is simply allowing itself, then you’ll find miracles happening in your life. The moment you ask for help or guidance to Being it is granted. In fact, Being grants our every true desire because every true desire is for Being anyway. Once we start understanding this, then we are living truth.


Why do so many young spiritual seekers suffer financial and job problems?

This is a very common ‘problem’ for two reasons. First reason is idealism such as, “I am a spiritual person and should not have any desires other than for spirit.” In this narrow vision of life we separate without realizing it. We see material gain and money as enemy to spirit. We have yet to see that ALL is ONE.

We crave freedom and abhor conventional work and fail to realize that only love counts. We seek jobs to have money without loving the work and then feel stifled. Our complaint becomes, “I don’t like this work but I need to survive financially.” Our conscious and unconscious drives battle each other and before we know it we are in a crisis situation suffering poverty and dissatisfaction.

Work was never meant to be a drudgery but a service of love. Therefore, find out how you wish to serve humanity and just do it. If you dislike money or material gain then it will show in your lack of abundance. Then the question is raised, “But if I love money and give in to my desires isn’t that a block to growth?” The human part of us is itself desire. We can’t help desire, in fact, even the desire not to have desire is just another desire. So, the question is, what is to be done about desire? Absolutely nothing but understand the desire itself. Every desire emerges from Being towards itself. Every desire is for Being through Being. Ever resistance to our natural flow is a breakdown in our alignment with life. When you understand that every desire is for spirit-being then it takes on a whole new dimension. Being is itself everything we truly crave such as inner security, confidence, love, happiness, joy, freedom and belonging. This drive is as natural as breathing. When we see and accept this natural flow of life then our expression starts its own momentum. There are 6 billion humans and only One Being expressing through these 6 billion souls. Each soul has one goal – to reach this mountain of Spirit Beingness. It is the ultimate fulfillment. And how each soul expresses this great love of this One Beloved is also each soul’s fulfillment. Jesus said, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.” Therefore, seek what you love most to do and that’s how love (being) needs to manifest its journey and expression through you. Love is the ultimate expression of soul. The soul is like the wave and the Being is the ocean. Each wave is also the ocean (oneness). Thus LOVE is our highest expression and when we choose love in whatever we do, say or express then love will fulfill us automatically.

The reason most seekers suffer financially or job-wise is because there is no trust in the Being that is playing through them. Each one of us is Being playing our particular human role. Until we understand this we are caught in trying to control our life instead of flowing with it.


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