Monday, February 04, 2008

Abraham's teaching vs Advaita

The confusion between Abraham’s teachings (founder of the Law of Attraction) and Advaita. They seem to be opposing each other, can you clarify this problem?

I have looked over the books of Abraham’s teachings which is also the source from which “The Secret” was derived. “The Secret” became a business venture and was made into a bestselling book and movie.

Abraham’s Teachings are great for novices and so if you happen to be a beginner on the path this could help you. How?

We are human beings. Abraham’s teachings emphasize the human and its struggles, desires and needs. It clarifies the power of mind in the law of attraction and how it creates our individual reality (the great illusion). Abraham states that we are, in reality, a non-physical vibration. If we follow these teachings it will help us to understand our world and the way it is for us. Eventually, if you fully grasp these teachings you will be led automatically into the Source (which is Oneness). When we start to recognize Oneness as the only Reality then we are ready for Advaita. Advaita emphasis the one great Truth from which there is no other. It is the major theme of all good satsang. This greatest of teachings is the knowing of Being.


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