Monday, February 04, 2008

Common questions and their replies

The following are questions most people ask when they view the youtube video-clips of Burt Harding.

I understand what you mean when you say that we are not our memory or our thoughts, that we are, indeed, awareness, but can we really avoid being influenced by memory or thougths? After all we are a product of the past. If we can avoid this influence, how this can be done? How can I avoid the conditioning?

Dear friend,
We do not try to stop being influenced by the past, it just won't matter when we realize that our true nature is NOW! What truly matters is what is real and lasting. So, please do not try to overcome your conditioning, it can't be done. However again, it is a matter of seeing clearly that it is just conditioning and NOT the truth of you. Contnue as you are 'doing' but without 'trying' or forcing or controlling anything. Relax in your being and ask yourself, "Who am I?" and then it will start to come to you with the answer, "I really don't know!" That's your first true answer that the person you thought you were is not around. Then when you relax enough to accept the fact that you really don't know, you allow this not-knowing to take over by full acceptance of it. This full acceptance of your NOT-KNOWING will open up a whole new innocence and humility and beauty from inside you...the heart will beckon with feelings of "I AM" that emerge as insights. It is these insights that will start to transform you.

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