Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Reaching a stalemate is not only common but also part of the spiritual seeker’s stage of intellectual knowing. This question is common, “I know all this, have meditated for many years, read every book and understand truth and have even given classes, yet, I still don’t walk the walk.”

This is a common stage in spiritual growth (clarity). You have simply reached a stage where you thought you knew the truth by so much reading, study and practice. You know the words but haven’t realized yet this one basic truth – there is nothing to know but to feel the Reality of NOW as eternal, timeless and oneness itself.
You start breaking free from this stalemate by acknowledging that you really don’t know and start listening. Many people have written that after listening to the video clips for a few months have reached a stalemate. In other words, they are so used to the words used that they are not hearing them anymore. Start listening with innocence and ask, “what-is…” to oneness, love, now and so on until you start feeling their true depth and meaning. All knowledge is within. The video-clips are a help but cannot change you by themselves…you need to listen and transcend your self-doubt.

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