Monday, February 04, 2008

Being and awareness are the same

I often believed that awareness is a state that can change but you say differently.

It is often a matter of semantics and we have to go beyond words in order to understand the deeper aspects that defy description. When I use the word 'awareness' I am referring to Being as the nature of pure awareness. It is unconditional and unchanging. Pure awareness is not a state -- it is unconditional. However, when you are aware of something then it is a thought and a state.
It is really knowing the difference between thought and awareness.
What is referred to as awareness is pure awareness known as Being.
Being is simply BE-ING. It is not something that is done and it is not a state or condition but the ISness of what-is. It is the Source often referred to as Emptiness by Buddha.
Be-ing is allowing; it is surrender; it is trust; it is love, it is openness, it is acceptance, it is forgiveness.
Be-ing is NOT knowing something, it is not doing anything, it is not resisting anything, it is not overcoming anything, it is not thinking anything. A child doesn't try to sleep, it just sleeps. There is no doing but Being.
When a question emerges, there's no one to answer it and therefore it's resolved.
When a 'problem' occurs there's no figuring out thus it is resolved.
When a thought, mood or attitude is negative there is no resistance thus the cloud melts and the light streams through. It is all in the full understanding of Be-ing.
You are a human Being. Just as the human seeks and struggles, so does Being accepts and forgives without doing anything. You either understand this or you don't. When it is grasped by the heart -- that's awakening to the truth.

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