Friday, April 10, 2009

Why do I make everything so real?

"Why do I make everything so real that I become a victim of it?"

Until we get to know our true Source Being then we unconsciously believe and make real everything that happens to us. It is like having your shadow chasing you and you run away from it only to have it chase you as well. One day after exhaustive running and escaping this shadow you realize fully, "It is not real but a shadow cast by my body!" then you are free of it even though the shadow remains. You are free because it has lost is power over you. In other words, you have stopped making it real. Similarly with thoughts and emotions. The moment you see them as they actually are, just thoughts and emotions, then you are free.


Lou said...

I wonder how to get to a point where that feeling of vastness the we periodically experience, and react in fear against, can be transmuted, by acceptance into love - IN THAT MOMENT.
I believe the answer is yes. The ego part of me wants to know how because I feel I have had enough now of suffering and am ready to evolve out of it?
The mind throws up lots of questions. What can I do? Should I meditate more? Shall I do more asanas or study more raja yoga?
Doing doing instead of being. Its such a classic error, isn't it.
Is awakening just a fluke or do you need to prepare the ground?
It's true to say that I enjoy preparing the ground as it has brought much joy and interest to life.
I struggle with letting go of the goal. That conditioned part of me that is always running.
I'm pleased to have found your blog and Utubes. Thank you for your insights.

xsara22 said...


I was thinking about how we all come to first after our incarnation on this earth, believe ourselves to be egos through our parents etc etc, and then this just perpetuates until one day, or gradually we realise it doesn't work living in that frame of we seek answers and Truth etc etc. But, say in the future, how would I bring up a child and avoid these seems unless socitey changes, future children will have to undergo the process of 'losing themselves' before coming back round in a full circle (if they are lucky!)