Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You mention the human being. Can you clarify what is Being?

The psychology I have studied had to do with the human mind. It had to do with the 'becoming-process' and now, after years of study and training, I come across 'Being' as its opposite. I am confused. Can you clarify Being for me?

As you already know we are a human being. This is an undeniable fact. However, what is hardl ever known is that the human is opposite Being. Being is when 'you BE!' You are in your Being when you are relaxed, happy, unself-conscious, clear, simple, innocent, without an agenda or time-consciousness. This is your natural state when you are happy, contented and fully 'yourself.'
Since we live in a world of 'becoming' then we strive for success, power, accomplishment and even for happiness through the world of form. This, inevitably, brings dissatisfaction, inner emptiness as if something is missing and so we become addicted to anything that offers us a momentary respite from our egoic strivings. This temporarily fulfillment then becomes an addiction whether it is cigarette smoking, coffe drinking, drugs, alcohol, sex, pornography, pleasure seeking or simply TV watching and incessant negative thinking. Why negative thinking when it is not a pleasure? Negative thinking is fear of not getting what we want, even though we don't really know what we truly want.
What we all want is Being but as yet are not aware of this simple fact. It is only through Being that we experience inner joy, fulfillment and our true nature. How can we ever know peace unless we know who we are? Yet Being is not an object. Being is simply BEING -- an allowing, a letting-go of mental seeking, a relaxation with what-is, an openness of heart.
See the video right here and really listen. Who knows, you might get a glimpse of your true Being!!


Psiplex said...

Clear as a bell Burt! Thank you for your insight, energy and teachings!

Sending love and light


kevin r gallagher said...

i love your Videos Burt - many thanks for them!

shandora said...

Gosh! that's so funny! I used to be what they call a "pornactress"...been there....did lots of cocaine, at some other point in this life...done that! and all along I wanted people to know me, why would they only know the part of the person on the screen? While al along, I actally just wanted to know myself (see the projection?)

And now, as I listen to yuo, Mooji, Papaji, Katie Davis etc...after a short while, I see you talking, and I calm! so wonderful, but the words don't really mean that much anymore, it's like I feel them, more than absorbing them...

Anyway, I find so great what you do, and such a shame that french people overhere, cannot always understand, that I started to subtitle your video's! thank you so much for all your love!!!

shandora said...

oh, I forgot, if you'd like to see your videos subtitled: