Thursday, June 04, 2009

How did the self-enquiry happen to you Burt?

I have the astral experience regular or at least what people label astral but its not a spiritual or egoless experience because I am still there just the same, able to see my astral body which looks like the stereotypical ghost. Ive noticed alot of people have reported this happening to them, the simplest description is the body falls asleep but the mind is still awake, is this a symptom of self enquiry? did it ever happen to you burt when you were self enquiring?

Self-enquiry was a slow process with me. Initially I would inquire but nothing would happen or so I thought. I persisted with the question “Who am I?” for a long time. My persistence emerged from the knowing that I AM more than the body. My insistence to experience something often resulted in my falling asleep in the midst of this ‘feeling it’ experience. Even though nothing happened for a few years I didn’t give it up but changed it with the question, “What am I?” It wasn’t until the year 2000 (many years later) that I woke up to the realization that there was no answer to the question “Who am I?” for after all, who is going to answer it? Where would an answer come from? It occurred to me, after all that time, that it was the very Silence and non-local being that was the answer. Who I was, was timeless. A moment of crystal-clarity occurred where I saw myself as a human being – a Being playing the role of Burt. It was so clear, so empathic and unmistakable that I wondered how I could have missed something so obvious. I didn’t learn anything but at the same time ‘I knew’ everything there was to know about the human and the Being and the interplay of duality in life’s journey. It was SEEING the whole play where everything that happened had never happened except in mind and time was not linear but holographic. I understood clearly Einstein’s statement, “All that occurs happens simultaneously” and there is no time and space as we come to know it. It is all seeing clearly that it is all NOW.


shandora said...

I've been trying to figure it out for some time, and when I finally came up with the answer that I had no idea who I was, not really, it was if something fell of my shouldres, and I started laughing....I'm not there yet, not at the point that I continually feel this, but that knwing stays there in the background...just hoping it to keep in the fore ground one day!

seth said...

According to Swami Vivekanande there are 3 ways or Methods
- Njana Yoga
- Karma Yoga
- Bakhti Yoga

Ramana Maharshi practized automatically the Njana when he was 8 or 12 yrs old and had a NDE experience to say it unrespectfully and knew he wasn't the body.
I suspect Burt of being the reincarnation of Ramana - I never heard like Burt proclaiming Knowledge about The Njana .

This is for Super Bright Minds but it's difficult to join God with it because The Soul+Ego which is called "Jiva" will approach the Almighty thinking and if he stopped thinking Radiating "I made it" and he will fall instantly because of that proud. Sorry to say : even a nono quark of proud does that. - You must be completely convinced that you don't exist, ergo you didn't anything.
It can only accomplished if He wants it and gives it to you.

Karma Yoga : Yes there are so many books about it but if you would burn your Bad Karma it would take millenia and many Births (if you are entitled)

Not to speak about the good karma: the golden chains !

Further is there still the Ego thinking he did the karma job.
Karmùa Yoga also can only achieved with His Grace.

Bakthi Yoga
This is LOVE.
Love is not was we think it is.
It is completely be absorbed in another Being and REALLY forget your own identity. - It is what Burt said : You feel it an hour, . . a few seconds and then Our Ego starts destroying it.

Love for God is much more difficult because we don't know what God is what must be loved.

Anyway : if you can generate THAT KIND OF LOVE FOR the right god YOU HAVE A LOT OF LUCK
because it was ment to be like that and you hav fantastically good karma during many past lives.

Today things are somewhat easier with the www .
At Krishnamurti's time there were a few proclaiming they had that love (i speak about) and accepted Bhakti.

Also at that time like now 99 % were imposters seeking honor and money amongst other things as power and sex.

Things are easier today because now , . . . there are hundreds that I know of. - . All

(is continued. .. . because of words limit)

seth said...

Things are easier today because now , . . . there are hundreds that I know of. - . All full with charisma on the surface -
That makes it really easy.

Most of them fail the most basic rules of love, like vegetarisme, that's a first filter.
But there so many - even hypnotizers with some love (haha) that it is a task to difficult. -

So you just follow nobody and try to learn some of what they say/write and with a very critical attitude like SHANDORA does and you ask God to inform you more 'pointed' , more specific because you like to love Him so much ASAP :-}.

If you are really sincere, . . God ( and I didn't forget the Njana here that He is and always was You) God will start showing you the way.
I know PERSONALLY several people who were visited in their Country By a SatGuru who lived elsewhere
and talked with THEM for hours and One lady who asked many questions saw the Parker Ball pen and his Seiko watch , all Beamed over to the her side of the planet , . . these people chatted in their own languages , which he does not speak when you eventually meet Him later on in his country. -

And explaining about the veggy way - it's not in trance or any bizarre way : he's just 100% there - - talks about why no drugs is better and Meditation is just "Not thinking, while you are fully awake" and how that is horrible for the Ego because the ego doesn't exist without thinking. And How succeded meditation is the same as death so the fear of death stops

He might give a Mantra to repeat containing His immense Power to shield you in the inner Realms. Using it the most lovely appearences show their real form or nature and then take a run !
(It there that the Excalibur or Tolkien's the Ring saga come from )

Before all that happens , . . slowly and nicely God will guide you to this One nice person, living on this earth actually One who accomplished already what you are aspiring and you will meet Him
you will fall so immensly in love that there are no words to tell it - no tears enough to express it -
This is the Beauty of Bakhti Yoga :

It's easy
It is like falling in love but so much stronger
no need to explain how smoothy that goes,
- you cannot sleep, you cannot eat, - almost- exactly like
all what we know - so how could we miss it when it's for God.

And by repeting his Mantra you can also invite him and speak with him and this might go for you to far Burt, HaHa but I m not sure because I heard only your last SatSang )

Please Burt Allow this text because after 300 excellent Njana reading films give Beautiful Divine Bhakti this little chance here, . . Burt.

Read the Poems of Bullah Shaw, Hafiz, Farid , Nanak, Tulsi Sahib , a Lady Saint - I forgot her name - t : It's Mira Bai from India, all about the extasy and pain of Love.

Now keep in mind : According to the Above : These Saints followed the Bhakti Path so they knew a Saint doing the Job for them, they are disciple of another which goes back far before Jesus time , before Melchisadek's time. God had always the door open for a lover.

(i have no english corrector and did some copy/paste : hope for no errors)

AnkhAton said...

This is so great Burt that you left my
dualistic text intact for 3 years nos

Thank You so much


please thumb there OBAMA BLUES
and the song JESUS

I'm prepâring a 1$ e-book
and going to place this in it today
after 3 years no iota has to be changed
for grammar I don't know !

And Shandora : She found the Bhakti way too