Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Instant Transformation

What is the difference between gradual change in awareness and transformation?

Gradual awakening happens through time, cause and effect and linear experiences. Most people awaken gradually, sometimes over a whole lifetime. Transformation, on the other hand, has nothing to do with time but the grace of readiness to LISTEN to the point of actually recognizing what is NOW itself.
A week ago I presented such a video entitled "Listen -- it's very simple!" and the results were far greater than expected. I had several people emailing me about their sudden transformation after hearing it several times. The moment they actually HEARD IT something happened to create a shift. One particular man, experiencing cancer, was able to transcend the fear of it.
The video is presented here -- watch with an open heart and mind...


Baba said...

I've found that people often have instant transformations but then the ego reasserts itself. Often, a period of gradual transformation follows that reclaims some of the lost inspiration.

The Ego is a hard habit to break but it's also true that regarding it as such only makes it harder not to attach to it.



Leland said...

A human being, is the conscious activity of be. Be is without movement, stillness or emptiness, until thought appears transforming be into being. Be does not transform, what is truth does not change, transformation is the activity or movement of truth reflected in thought, as an active awareness unfolding, as self.

It flows alive through me.